Your Body

At DHF we believe your body was made to werk! SO – WERK IT. No more boring workout attempts to get the body you always wanted. Get a dancer’s body!

  • Firm ass
  • Tight abs
  • Lean, toned muscles

Your Lifestyle

DHF is not just about the physical, it’s the emotional! Our clients walk out of class feeling alive – ready for another house party!

Your Experience

We believe that a house is made a home with major TLC! Leave your worries at the door boo thang because when you enter DHF it’s to sweat, werk and make some new friends along the way!

Class Descriptions


DHF Hustle

Are you over the boring traditional workout classes you have been doing lately?! SAME – so let’s HUSTLE. This 60 minute full body workout is guaranteed to leave you feeling sexy, sweaty & strong. DHF HUSTLE is our fierce follow along dance fitness class, that feels more like a party! You can expect calorie torching high intensity cardio exercises combined with sassy hair flipping dance moves – all while listening to your favorite beats. This class features a 10 minute arm & core toning section bound to get you that dancer’s body!

DHF Choreography

Stop, drop and WERKITOUT. This sassy choreography class is available to all levels. YES, bring yoooooo grama, cousin, sister, father-in-law, baby daddy….doesnt matter, bring them! Everyone is welcome! Between the booty shakin’ music and fresh new moves you will feel like a trained dancer in no time!


Calling all you BOOTYfull people to the dance floor for a high intensity lower body workout focusing on tightening and lifting datttttt ass! This class is all about working your bunzzzz by mixing it up. We promise that you will leave feeling the burn!


Yes, you read that right. TIGHT AF is a high intensity interval class that combines endurance and strength! This class is designed to werk your whole body! Leave sweaty, strong AND TIGHT AF.


Bring your ASSANA to the flo for DHFs signature yoga inspired werkout! This class is all vibes and no OMS (ONLY YASSSS!). You’ll bend to the beat and feel the music to leave restored AF. Can’t wait to see you all this week! Check out the full schedule below!


Get ready to “STRUT” your way through a 90 minutes choreography class bound to keep you on your toes, literally. We warmup, we freestyle & then WE STRUT. This class is meant to make you feel confident, sexy and strong all while slaying the dance floor. We recommend your most comfy heels, boots or stilettoes.


You a bad ass dancer trying to refine your skillz?! Join us for DHFs signature advanced choreography class. We won’t take it easy on you so come ready to WERK! All the choreo, all the skills, and all the feedback!


Being EXTRA never hurt nobody! We servin’ up a dose of all sweaty 60 classes in one INTENSE full body werkout! You’ll HUSTLE, you’ll get TIGHT AF and WERK that BOOTY!

Pricing Options

The Werkout

We don't workout, we werkitout™ - You're invited to a house party where the dancing never stops!