Owner: Jenny Sanchez @TheFITista

Owner: Jenny Sanchez @TheFITista

YOOOOOO! Jenny here, creator and owner of Dance House Fitness, Houston’s new big thing for dance cardio.

What does dance mean to me? Dance is showing passion, heart, soul, commitment, dedication and so much more by moving my body. Every time I dance, I feel an indescribable mix of emotions and empowerment. Every time I perform, I want my audience to feel that same mix of emotions and empowerment.

Dance has always been a big part of my life! Since Day One I’ve been poppin’ my collar, listening to sick beats (*NYSYNC, don’t lie!) and twirling in my favorite tutu. I got pictures to prove it. Hey, nothing wrong with a little self-expression!

I grew up as a studio and competition dancer in all genres, and I really loved Hip-Hop. It’s my all-time fave. Dancing was and is everything to me. Being on stage and performing makes sense to me.

I’ll never claim to be the best technically-trained dancer and I don’t need to. I’m damn good, even without being able to do 30 pirouettes in a row. My passion for the art outshines any technical flaws I might have. It was my passion that got me to finals at most competitions, not technique.

I was serious about dance growing up, but once I went off to college, I got too busy. The only dancing I did was at the bar on the dancefloor! You know how that goes! Along with studying, partying, and not dancing came 50 pounds of weight gain (HELLLLZ NAH). I lost myself, my confidence, and, most importantly, my strength.

After graduating college, I changed my whollllleeeee dayummmmm lyfeeeeee! I shed those pounds, and by “shed” I mean I WERKEDDDDD my ass off each and every day. I still do!

My passion for dance came back stronger than ever. I decided to prove to myself that I still had what it takes to be damn good. I tried out for a NFL cheerleading originization, and I SWEATED and WERKED my way into the top 100 out of 2000 dancers! It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Unfortunately, I wasn’t chosen for the team, but I didn’t let it stop me. I was very eager to carve out my place in the health and fitness world.

I mean, I have so much more experience to offer. HELLO, I went from 198lbs to 145lbs…. I have A LOT to be proud of! So on May 1, 2015, I launched my fitness, health & fashion blog,! As the FITista, I help people live healthy lifestyles and look fab while doing it. She quickly become my alter ego!

I knew there was more I could do. However, with a full-time, corporate job, my options were slim. That’s when I discovered group fitness and fell in love!!! In fall of 2015, I became a spin and dance instructor. Now I teach classes 7 days a week on top of my full-time job and my active personal life. (Shout-out to my husband and love Carlos Sanchez for keeping me grounded at all times. You the real MVP!)

I know what you’re thinking – “WAIT, you cray!” And yeah, my life is challenging and exhausting, BUT IT’S REWARDING. Starting Dance House Fitness (DHF) is something I have wanted to do for a long time! I’ve combined my two favorite things into one package – Dance & Fitness, and I’m offering it to you! Can’t wait to #WERKITOUT with you on the dancefloor!

Owner: Christian Bianchi @bianchidhf

Owner: Christian Bianchi @bianchidhf

If Christian looks familiar it’s most likely because he’s that guy you saw WERKING IT OUT at the new Houston hotspot, a wedding, or maybe even the airport.

Christian has been bringing his Argentine swag to Houston from the ripe old age of 3! Music has always been a driving force behind his love to dance. It is impossible to try and find someone that is more updated on the newest hits than Christian. Even though he didn’t grow up as a traditional dancer, no one could ever stop him from breaking off a little sumtin sumtin on the dance floor.

The weight struggle has always been real for Christian. Yoyo-ing was a way of life because he could never find workouts that could keep his interest for more than a few months. After meeting Jenny at her first official dance class and giving everyone so much damn LYFE for 45 minutes, he knew he had finally found something he could be passionate about. He knew that he didn’t just walk into any ol dance class from the moment Jenny’s first “YASSSSSSS” came his way. Fast forward 8 months later Christian is down almost 60 pounds by taking over the dance flo and leading a more healthy lifestyle.

Instructor: Casey Cardenas @casey.cardenas

Instructor: Casey Cardenas @casey.cardenas

This powerhouse Sugarland BABE is about to do a full court press on the Houston dance scene! This ex-Captain and 3 year vet of the Rockets Power Dancers is ready to spice up yo life with her signature hip-hop and sexy vibes! She exudes a passion for dance with every kick, every turn, every damn count! Her infectious spirit will empower you to become confident in your style no matter if you’re a pro dancer or have never danced a day in your whole life.

Casey knows about hard WERK! This UH Cougar crushed her goal of being the first in her family to graduate from college and is here to help you crush yours, whatever they may be! Casey is ready to make you feel like the Queen or King you are every time you step onto the dance floor with her!

When not on the dance floor, you can cash her breaking all the Insurance sales records or climbing the Great Wall Of China in all the pink money can buy!

It’s time to GET IT Houston!
Instructor: Courtney Claiborne @courtneyclaiborne

Instructor: Courtney Claiborne @courtneyclaiborne

It’s hard for this Houston native to remember a time when performing wasn’t a part of her life, whether belting out show tunes for TUTS or roaring on stage in a rock band (Numbers, anyone?!). Dance was always #1 in her life though, and after high school Courtney took everything she learned dancing for St. John’s and Houston’s Delia Stewart Dance Company to Austin. There she spent 3 years as an Assistant Choreographer for the University of Texas Dance Team, as well as an instructor and competition choreographer for a local dance studio.

When the corporate world took over after graduating college, Courtney traded her jazz shoes for running shoes and became an avid half-marathon runner. For years she thought the only dancing she would do was on the dance floor at Etro’s 80’s night…until a friend introduced her to the DHF squad and Jenny taught her that it is NEVER too late to get your dancing passion back! She may be corporate AF by day but she’s ready to get you FIT AF (and she has the guns to prove it)! Courtney is thrilled to be part of the DHF team and can’t wait to help you HUSTLE your way to your fitness goals!

DJ: Matt Johns @mattercreative

DJ: Matt Johns @mattercreative

Matt Johns is one half of Houston-based DJ Duo RAMALAMA. After learning the ropes at Jam Master Jay’s Scratch Academy in New York, Matt and Ali returned to Houston and turned their love of music and a good party into a passion project. They have worked with brands like 1st Dibs, Forty Five Ten, The Houston Grand Opera, One Park Place (Superbowl XVI), and The Democratic National Committee. Matt is also the founder of a creative studio specializing in event design and creative direction (
Instructor: Nichole Perez @littlenikip

Instructor: Nichole Perez @littlenikip

The NEWS is out! Nichole is ready to be the lead story in the Houston dance fitness game. This San Antonio native is bringing all her fierce, latina vibes from #alamocity to #clutchcity! Dance, music and having fun as your true authentic self (you do you boo) are at the core of what she’s all about.

Circa 1995, you could catch her slaying the pep squad game at age 5. From there she went on to perform with her high school dance team in Arkansas. This Marine Corps brat has lived all over the scene having moved every 2 – 3 years. No matter where she lived in the world, dance remained her passion.

It hasn’t been all ratchet jams and heel toe’s. Nichole’s Arkansas Razorback roots kickstarted her journalism career in television news. She worked at the CBS affiliate in Waco, Tx before being given the opportunity to work for Houston’s own ABC13.

Working within her community sparked her passion for working FOR her community. Nichole’s mission (should you choose to accept it) is to make you FEEL something when you’re on the dance floor. Whether you pro AF or have never let your hair down with a snapback on, she wants you to feel empowered living YOUR best life (you only have one betches)!

She may be tiny but there is NOTHING little about her. Just watch her WERK because she’s ready to slay the dance fitness game! YOU READY?

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